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Nestled between the counties of Fulton and Saratoga, the Great Sacandaga Lake is a gem in eastern New York State. Stretching 29 miles long and 5 miles wide with a 42-square-mile surface area, it is one of the largest lakes in the Adirondack region.

A manmade masterpiece

The Great Sacandaga Lake was originally built as a reservoir to mitigate flooding from the Sacandaga and the Hudson Rivers – a common occurrence that hampered progress in several communities downstate. Completed as the Sacandaga Reservoir in 1930, its protective functions allowed surrounding neighborhoods and businesses to flourish.

While manmade, the Great Sacandaga Lake boasts breathtaking natural beauty. Its sparkling waters are bordered by the towering pines of the “Forever Wild” Adirondack protected area. The location is a thriving habitat for hundreds of species of birds, fish, butterflies and dragonflies, and mammals, large and small.

The Lake’s majestic natural features make it a popular destination for outdoorsmen, thrill seekers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

The centerpiece of an accommodating residential region

The Great Sacandaga Lake is surrounded by tranquil, rural towns and villages. While rustic in nature, each of these locations boasts a distinct charm and personality that make it a desirable place to live.

Towns that border the Lake include Broadalbin, Day, Edinburg, Hadley, Mayfield, Northampton, Northville, and Providence.

The Lake is also near major cities in eastern New York State, such as the “Glove Cities” of Gloversville and Johnstown (13 and 15 miles), Saratoga (22 miles), Saratoga Springs (24 miles), and Albany (55 miles).

 Great Sacandaga Lake homes for sale

 Great Sacandaga Lake real estate offers a wide range of options, including coveted areas along the shoreline. These lake area single-family homes come in a variety of sizes and styles to match differing preferences and budgets.

Luxury waterfront properties offer direct access to the lake, an excellent bonus that complements the airy living spaces and high-end amenities you can expect from a luxury home. There are also more affordable options on homes located very close to the lake area.

Find plenty of cottages, Ranches, Cape Cods, and Colonials in the Great Sacandaga Lake area. Log cabin-styled exteriors are an eye-catching aesthetic matching the Lake area’s woodsy surroundings. Buyers can also spot distinctive Contemporary and custom homes.

You can search Great Sacandaga Lake homes for sale here or call Thomas J. Real Estate, Inc. at 518-863-4691.

Recreational activities for every season

The Great Sacandaga Lake’s year-round accessibility is one of its best qualities. Local residents, guests, and tourists can plan getaways in any season.

From summer through the fall, head to the lake for recreational activities like fishing, boating, cycling, hiking, and simply relaxing along several inviting beaches. Farmers’ markets also abound during these seasons, allowing you to bring home the freshest local produce.

Even during the winter, the lake lures in visitors, thanks to activities like ice fishing, skiing, and snowboarding. Hikers and trekkers can don their snowshoes – or rent on site – to explore the great outdoors draped in gorgeous snow.

Discover the Great Sacandaga Lake area with the best local real estate experts

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