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Greenfield & Corinth

Greenfield and Corinth are towns in northwestern Saratoga County. They are excellent rural retreats that provide incomparable living experiences. Indulge in tranquility and luxury here, with the flourishing natural wonders of the Adirondack wilderness in the background.

Greenfield: Saratoga’s largest town

Greenfield is the largest town in Saratoga County based on area. It stretches 67.7 square miles across and is home to more than 7,700 residents. It is located 5 miles to the northwest of Saratoga Springs and 39 miles north of Albany.

The town’s first settlers arrived around 1785. Greenfield was formed in 1793 from sections of the towns of Saratoga and Ballston. Parts of the town were later distributed for the creation of the towns of Corinth, Day, and Hadley.

Homes for sale in Greenfield, NY

Greenfield primarily features single-family homes embraced by beautiful verdant backdrops. You can find exquisite luxury estates here, providing irresistible opportunities to live large amidst a dreamlike rustic setting. There is plenty of new construction, guaranteeing the best modern home features to let you make the most of idyllic country living.

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Corinth: The snowshoe capital of the world

Approximately 11 miles north of Greenfield lies Corinth, a 58-square-mile town that is home to a population of approximately 6,500. The east town line is formed by the Hudson River.

Corinth was formed in 1818, primarily from parts of the towns of Hadley. Its early economy was driven by lumber trade. Paper mills became the predominant industry, following the American Civil War.

Corinth today bears the self-proclaimed distinction as “the snowshoe capital of the world.” The United States Snowshoe Association is headquartered here, serving as the governing body for competitive snowshoeing.

Homes for sale in Corinth, NY

With the eastern portions of Corinth outlined by the Hudson River, real estate buyers can find outstanding waterfront properties in this town. There are opportunities to own gorgeous estates on sprawling acre lots surrounded by lush foliage.

For modestly sized single-family homes, look for options in a variety of custom Cape Cod, Ranch, and Contemporary designs. New construction homes are also affordable.

You can search for homes for sale in Corinth, NY here or call Thomas J. Real Estate, Inc. at 518-863-4691. 

Points of interest

  • Lester Park (Greenfield)

    See what it’s like to stand at the bottom of the sea – 500 million years later. Lester Park is a fossilized sea bottom quarry that showcases layers of stromatolites formed when New York was still submerged at the bottom of a tropical sea. Visit and marvel at various fossils of ancient marine life. This site is a scientific reservation preserved by the New York State Museum.

  • Mount McGregor (Corinth)

    This mountain is one of the principal peaks of the Palmertown Range. It features two lakes, Lake Bonita and Lake Anna.

  • Palmer Falls (Corinth)

    Formerly known as the “Kah-che-bon-cook,” this Hudson River drop is considered one of its most notable waterfalls. 

Explore great real estate opportunities in Greenfield and Corinth

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