Are you wondering if it’s better to buy lake and vacation homes in Orange County, New York, now or wait until spring 2017? We’d like to help you make up your mind by talking about some of the fabulous reasons why it’s better to be inside the county sooner, rather than later. First up is the incredible scenery. It’s something Orange County is known for throughout the state.

Although the county is a year round destination, spring finds the area awash in both sweet pastel and bold colors. They’re found in the county’s wildflower population as well as in the tree and shrub lines that dot the area. The region’s waterways are also beginning to wake up. Accordingly, it’s a great time to see colorful insects, fish, waterfowl and other wildlife returning from hibernation.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, lake and vacation home owners in Orange County have a series of annual, weekly and one-time events to look forward to enjoying. For instance, a number of groups tend to put on spring art shows. Among them are venues like Storm King Tavern, Safe Harbors Green, Mount Saint Mary College’s Desmond Campus and the Goshen Music Hall. Speaking of the college, it’s also possible for lake and vacation home owners to enroll in spring classes or workshops.

Not all of the classes in Orange County are held at the schools. Businesses like Nimai’s Bliss Kitchen and Magnolia Bakery also offer educational programs as does the Newburgh Free Library e-Learning Center. Of course because there are so many places in Orange County that offer these types of educational experiences to lake and vacation home owners, the subject matter varies widely. Examples include classes on glass blowing, cupcake decorating and the best ways to use curry.

With that said, to learn more about lake and vacation homes in Orange County that are available for spring 2017, please contact Thomas J. Real Estate, Inc. today.