The home buying market tends to attract the greatest number of home buyers in the spring and summer, with sales falling over the remainder of the year. Traditionally, December and January are the slowest months in the real estate industry, with the fewest transactions. For motivated prospective buyers, the winter presents a golden opportunity to find your perfect home, which means you’ll need to hire a realtor. Here’s why you should find a real estate agent and buy your perfect home in the winter months.

1. Show your commitment.

During the busier months of home buying, potential buyers vary from simply looking around at the market to being serious buyers. However, real estate agents know that buyers looking over the holidays and in January are usually serious buyers, since casual buyers don’t usually want to eschew celebrations or trudge through cold weather to browse. Looking in winter will help your realtor invest in you even more.

2. Get your realtor’s full attention.

During the spring and summer, realtors tend to be busier, with a large number of clients. Your realtor will have more time in the winter months, allowing them to devote even greater resources to meeting your needs and finding you the perfect home.

3. Find great deals.

Although fewer houses enter the market in winter, there’s always houses for sale that didn’t sell during the previous busy season. Often, these sellers are quite motivated to sell their house quickly, and will be more willing to negotiate and accept lower offers. Making a bid in the winter increases your odds of getting your ideal home for a great price.

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