When selling a home or multi-family unit to prospective buyers, there are strategies to make sure the residence looks great to potential buyers. The strategies will make sure that your home or multi-family unit not only sells, but that it sells as quickly as possible at a price close to the asking price.

  1. Residences must be clean and well-maintained. Remember that a prospective buyer is seeing your home for the first time. They have to be able to visualize themselves in it. Buyers aren’t going to overlook walls that need to be painted; if they look worn, if will turn them off. And something that indicates a need for maintenance, like a dripping faucet? That might scare them off, as visions of dollar signs spent on plumbing bills dance before their eyes.
  2. Residences being shown need to be neutral. If you have turquoise walls or op-art moldings, they may look wonderful. But if they aren’t to a prospective buyer’s taste, you could lose the sale. While it is theoretically possible for a buyer to say “well, I can always repaint,” a surprising percentage won’t. They will simply leave the house commenting on whatever they didn’t like. Again, buyers need to visualize themselves fitting into the setting in the home. Put away anything extremely distinctive, and even repaint in a white or beige tone if necessary.
  3. Don’t be there, but leave cookies. It’s tempting for sellers to think buyers want to talk to them about their residence. They do want information, yes. But that should be given to your agent. Sellers on the premises inhibit some buyers, both from looking and asking questions. You don’t want to do that.

What you should do is leave baked goods. Prospective buyers will be tempted to linger, eat, and ask more questions. It will also leave them with a good feeling about the house.

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